CourseFacebook Training Course: How To Amplify Your Business on Social Media With Facebook

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Growing Your Business With Facebook.

With over 1 billion Facebook users around world, Facebook is the place to play if you are a business owner. You must go to where your customers and audience resides. There are other social media platforms but none of them have the amount of users Facebook does. Did you know that over 24% of Facebook users check their Facebook accounts five or more times per day? I know it's crazy isn't it! Smart phones make it so easy to stay connected.

Did you know as a business page owner you can run Facebook ads that target the audience of your biggest competitors? Did you know that over 47% of Americans say that Facebook influences their purchasing behavior? (Word of mouth means a lot and it travels fast on Facebook! Social proof is everything these days!)

Did you know buyers take businesses more seriously that are active on social media?

Did you know buyers say they trust companies more that are active on social media?

Facebook provides you a space to show off your business, grow your audience and connect with a much larger audience, run highly targeted ads and provide top notch customer service.

In this full Facebook management course you will learn how to amplify your brand with Facebook using your Facebook business page.

The majority of my consulting and training calls are all about walking my clients through the steps on setting up and managing their Facebook business page on a day to day basis. So I've decided to create a course that walks you through exactly what I teach them. You can watch the training videos and put all the tools you learn into action. Within no time at all you can begin growing your audience online and engaging with new customers on Facebook, but first you have to get started! Have you created your Facebook business page yet? If you haven't, no worries you can easily create your page right now. Purchase and watch my first mini course: Facebook Business Page Builder For Beginners. ($9.99)

Complete your Facebook page set up then come back and follow through with my full Facebook Training Course. ($47) (Bookmark my page for easy access later.)

This course includes:

  1. An Overview of what you'll be learning
  2. Where to find content to post
  3. How to upload and post content on your Facebook business page
  4. How to schedule your posts
  5. How to use Hashtags
  6. What is sticky content
  7. Adding a Note (Blog Post/Article) to Facebook
  8. Creating Content, including where to make your own custom graphics when you don't have Photo Shop
  9. Setting up Facebook ads and boosting posts
  10. The main app you need on your smart phone to manage your Facebook business page on the go.

Includes PDF Guides:

  1. How To Create Your Own Social Media Strategy.
  2. My Guide: Carol Lawrence’s Content Map Ideas For Your Facebook Biz Page!

Purchase my full course today and begin learning and implementing at your own pace!

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