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Social Media Help 4 U Training Courses With Carol Lawrence.

Are you a creative artist? A brand new business owner? An Entrepreneur? Local business owner? A coach, author or speaker? Every business owner needs exposure! There are many ways to gain exposure and build your audience but one of the best ones is social media. Everyone is on social media.

The problem is not everyone knows how to even begin using social media. If you are a little technically challenged and social media marketing frustrates you, I’ve created a solution. I began creating simple how to video courses that walk you through the basic steps of setting up your social media pages and learning how to manage them yourself.

I’ve started with Facebook and will be adding more courses shortly.

Take a look at my first two courses. The first one shows you how to step by step set up your very own Facebook Fan/Business page. ($9.99 )

My second course teaches you how to manage your own Facebook business page. ($47 )

Click each course to see the details.

If you already have your social media profiles set up and you are looking for some assistance in managing them or are in need of consulting head on over to Social Media Help 4 U and fill out my brief contact form. Be sure to join me on Facebook and Twitter too!


Ready to get started?

Getting back to the basics. To grow your online audience on social media you need to be on the major platforms. One of the largest is Facebook. This course walks you through step by step how to set up your…

A step by step tutorial to walk you through learning how to use your Facebook business page. Learn how to: Schedule content, what to schedule, add a note, engage with other pages, create a strategy and set up Facebook ads. Easy to follow affordable tutorial.